Party Room – FAQs

Party Room - FAQs - Do's and Don'ts

May I decorate the party room?

Yes, you are welcome to decorate for your special occasion. All we ask is that you please remove and recycle items that you bring in from elsewhere

Can we bring our own cake?

Yes, you may bring a cake or other dessert for your event along with paper plates and compostable or recyclable utensils.

Do you have party packages?

Yes. If you are hosting the event and wish to pay for your guests, please contact us for party package options. We will put you in touch with our general manager, who can assist.

You may contact us at:

How do we order?

You may order on arrival or beforehand on the website:

You may order at any time before your event. Just specify the date and time you want the order to be ready.

Online ordering provides a great option for sports banquets, birthday celebrations, business and group meetings.

May we bring in entertainment?

Yes, we welcome party facilitators. If you need party ideas, please see below.

May I have more time?

Party Rooms are offered on a set schedule.

The 1-1/2 hour booking provides enough time for most banquets and parties, allowing time to order, eat and enjoy your celebration.

If you need more time, please select one of the main dining room areas.  After receiving your confirmation, please email desired changes.  

We strive to accommodate all requests, however, due to limited availability, longer bookings may not be available on your desired date and time

Extended bookings are not available at the Hosmer store location or in the Clubhouse party rooms on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays (no exceptions). If you desire an extended booking on a weekend, please contact for location and room options.

Store personnel are not authorized to make bookings on your behalf or to approve additional time. Please do not ask them.


May I call the restaurant to book?

No. Restaurant personnel are not authorized to book banquet or party rooms on your behalf. Please do not ask them to make an exception. You will put them at risk for disciplinary action.

The reason is, they are often have guests to serve and may not take the time to gather the required information to book within the system.

If you do not wish to book online, email us at: and we will assist in booking the room.

May I call the restaurant to book more time?

No, the additional time slot will not be honored without prior approval from Lance or Karrie and without payment for the additional booking.

Can I book using two different emails to get more time?

No. Unfortunately, some patrons have attempted to book multiple blocks of time using different email addresses.

Bookings for the same event or back-to-back events using two different emails will result in a cancellation.   


The second booking will be cancelled and the time slot made available for general booking by other guests.

Can I hold two dates for the same event?

Holding the room for your special occasion prevents others from booking.   The first booking received will be accepted and the duplicate booking(s) will be cancelled.

General Policies for Party Rooms
  1.  We reserve the right to re-host groups in order to accommodate all dining guests.
  2. We are not a good fit for study groups in the evenings and weekends, as the room next to yours may be full of kids.  
  3.   Please do not expect to use both rooms, if the second room is vacant.  Party rooms are used as overflow seating capacity as an extension of the main dining room.  
  4. Rooms are offered as a courtesy.  We do not charge a rental fee for use of our party rooms. As much as we wish to have the ability to guarantee private usage, we cannot guarantee privacy or a quiet environment .  
  5. PLEASE NOTE:  We will seat dining guests in your party room, if no other tables are available.
  6. Fundraiser Takeovers often occur mid-week, usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Some are quite large.  Others are small.  If you wish to inquire whether a takeover will be held on the date of your event, just call or email us.  We can check the schedule.
  7. Monday nights are buffet nights and tend to be busy.
  8. We reserve the right to decline booking requests at our sole discretion, should we determine the group is not a good fit.  Examples of this are groups that need more time on weekends, quiet study or meetings, or groups that do not meet the minimum guest count for the desired room.